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any help identifying would be great 

Was born today.lo

3.2 density


No streak 

Flow lines dry







 Accumulated dust heavy on one side more than the other



Free standing.



 Top side could use a wash I hope its the real thing.

Thank you

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Better pics
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No metal. No chondrules. No meteorite.

What you have is not metallic. It is sub metallic. It is a sedimentary hematite concretion.

Find one that exhibits basic meteoritic characteristics. This one does not even come close.

Take baby steps. Learn the difference between metallic luster and sub metallic luster. That will be a giant step forward.

If you streak this rock it WILL leave a streak. If you are getting no streak then you need to work on that testing technique as well.


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 I thought the metal look on it was deferent 

Sorry.   I took cheap telescope eye peace put it in front of the phone lol and this is what a lot of the sparkles on it look like up close I hope the pictures are better

thank you for taking the time to view my post



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Your last photos aren't even close to being in focus, nothing can be judged by your photos as blurry as they are, but everyone has already told you what it appears to be and a meteorite is not on the list of possibilities.

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