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Green rock

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I found this on the beach and I have not seen anything like it around yet.

Very green exterior especially when wet with metal inside of it.

2.9 or so density. No streak color. Magnetic 

It's made of black, yellow and green rocks.

Rock is wet



What got my interest was why the melted lines still had fresh rock on the melt lines that are not melted, and why all the melted colors are concentrated together on the exterior  though the inside is metal.

Dry pics20200202_121657.jpg20200202_121713.jpg

Damaged area is 7-9 o'clock 


Pic of window with water in the sun.


Pic of window dry


any help identify in that would be great thank you.

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Here are a few more pics

Looks like all black lines were going one way and got flipped upside down and all yellow lines going the other way and in most crossing when black and yellow meet yellow goes over the black.



Bottom right showing a mix of black and green accumulation.


Deferent shades show interesting elevation 


It like it was a bunch of blocks that made a circle shape


Thank you


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When I look at it it looks close to a bunch of layers with some stuff that settled in between it and with the wear and tear from the ocean the lines on the rock were stronger than the rock material and it makes look like lines.

The metal is blackish.

Thank you 

I'll throw it out .


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Kind of like a greenstone I was told to look for that can mean gold deposits.  When I finally got a 60 X loop and looked at the rock, it was actually made of a semi-precious, green transparent crystal.  Was just so small, that with the eyes, gave the rock a green color, but looked splendid under the loupe.  

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2 hours ago, Morlock said:

It might be some type of pyroxene. Just a guess. But there are NO green meteorites.

https://www.planetary.org/blogs/emily-lakdawalla/2013/03211549-lpsc-hermean-meteorite.html Here is one example of a green meteorite. Not saying this is one, it just is possible. Meteorites are extremely rare, a fresh one is even more rare. I looked for rocks for years before I even found one thing that was meteorite-like.

I sent one off to get an oxygen isotope analysis, it has been 4 months and they still don't have the signature. I think it means it is not recognizable and needed a deeper analysis. Either way, they ID soils at the University of Michigan. It was $38. I don't know if they just find the signature or outright identify it there. 


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I got a toy to cut a slice:)

Here are the pics, I have been trying to learn about free metal and chondrules and I dont see it. Only 3 lines none circular spots.

I'm learning how to cut on old rocks still, I'm cutting every way except strait lol









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