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What a Ore!

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I have narrowed this piece down to probably lead ore or can’t remember name but started with (fer) I think I remember it was some kind of rock shipped by train for long period in history 
As far a meteorite goes not saying I thought it was but immediately in the field I could discard because of no noticeable regmaglypts amoung other characteristics but that easiest to notice in field




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Might be galena. Hard to tell from the photos. It does look like some I found at the Black Rock Mine not far from Yuma.

If it's galena it will have a dark gray streak.

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...And will bead up , molten, when hit with a torch.  Try to break off a small piece for roasting, outside, with good ventilation.

And, of course, it will feel heavier/denser than rocks of similar size.

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