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Weekend hunt

boulder dash

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Finally was able to get out and detect for a weekend with a fellow forum member. He was only able to make it for one day verses my 2 days. We focused on hitting new areas looking for leader nuggets.. He was able to find one really nice piece. After that I spent many hard hours with no luck finding a patch.

My first night by headlamp I headed to a old Bonevolent patch that we thought was worked out. Turns out we missed 3 chunky pieces. 2nd night hunt went to a different worked out patch and found 5 more chunky bits.. All the small stuff was just the gold monster 1000 being an amazing sensitive machine. 3 grams was my tally for the weekend.


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Sounds like a great time.  :thumbsupanim

Looks like you're getting the hang of it !!


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WTG :thumbsupanim

Good to see your still getting out and finding it. 

Glad the monster is still sniffing them out. 

Tom H. 

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4 hours ago, frank c said:

Gold Monster :yikes:  Did you finally give the GB2 a back seat ?
Nice beeping !

I did, it's a bit better overall.. Still wish I had a gb2, it is better on specimen pieces I think.. The monster is a easy machine to use. Most of if is the user, I may of jumped right in as the gold bug 2 is so noisy and chattery just like the monster.. Sure finding more small stuff.

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On 1/31/2020 at 10:08 PM, LukeJ said:


Looks like you're getting the hang of it !!


Ha ha ha .....Now that`s funny !

Heres my 2 when I had to leave .... Boulder dash`s below ( at that time ) 

IMG_2783 (2).JPG

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