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A month in with the equinox.

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So after almost a 20 year hiatus,  a new equinox found it's way to my home. Tomorrow will be the first month down, and has been a good learning experience.   The biggest thing I've learned is I need to dig more trash signals to find the good stuff.  The areas I have available to hunt get mowed with big 3 blade mowers and they turn aluminum cans into bits and pieces, so after digging a few I started cherry picking the high tones. This thing sure does like dimes.  Nothing old as of yet, but also focused on learning the machine at this point. 

Park 2

GB auto

Multi freq

50 tone

Sens 20

Recovery 6

Iron bias 0

Reject -9 to 0 (about half the time I'm running all metal)


so here's Januarys lineup.20200131_171426.jpg

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Went down to the ballpark this afternoon.  Not too bad.  Tried to dig more low sounding targets. Got my first wheat cents, a 53 and a 54. Leads me to believe there is a good possibility of silver here.  So far I've made 1 pass up the left field fence, starting at the outfield line.  And across the back fence to center. Not a bad 2 hrs.20200201_163314.jpg20200201_191739.jpg

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1 hour ago, hardtimehermit said:

Nice going Arthur66, i only have just over one week with my Nox, and i am having fun learning a new machine. I need to take some pics i will share soon.

happy hunting.  ht :)

It is a sweet machine.  Still suprised at how much stuff people loose. 

 I'll keep an eye out for your pics! 

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