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Was out yesterday hunting a wash that I have most-recently started calling, "Hammer-N-Chisel" wash :yikes:,....why???  because at least four of the nuggets that I have gotten out of it I have had to literally (and physically) hammer and chisel :barnie: them right out of the semi-solid bedrock just to get to them!!!!!  Each of these where down 4-6" deep within the bedrock itself, and as much as I had to chisel away at each spot, it didn't appear to me that they had drifted down to that spot to lodge themselves there. :89:  I believe that they were within the bedrock all along, and that the movement of boulders, rocks, and rushing flood waters over time had wore away enough of the bedrock for my coil to pickup a signal.  Ironically, each of the four nugget-spots were right on the very edge of a bedrock waterfall (or within 4"-or-so) of the edge of it before it dropped off ( these were located at 4-different waterfalls, or bedrock-drop-offs). 

I also came across a 5th Hammer-N-Chisel situation yesterday as well that I was not even able to chip out:grr01: due to the hardness of the solid bedrock!!!  I chiseled like a maniac ( or like I was getting paid for it!?!) for what seemed like for ever, and got almost 3" of mixed hard rock out in chunks. All along I was chipping and scraping a blood-red rock material out,..but was getting nowhere with it.  I hit my thumb once and the chisel became dull,............so it's still there.

The nugget above the dime is the one I chiseled out,...the second photo shows a slight grayness in color (on the other side of the same nugget) from the bedrock that was "glued" to it.  The other two nuggets (below it and to it's right) I dug up about 5' downstream of it on the same downward-sloping bedrock.  This nugget that I chiseled out was an "Indicator Nugget", and I have found that it's most-always a good idea to detect (and/or uncover) the bedrock ( if it drops down under the overburden) 3-to-4 ft downstream of it to see if other nuggets have slipped down beyond-where that Indicator nugget was found,.......it has worked for me many times. :inocent: Gary  :200:  "YaHoooooooooooooo!!"    



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  Nice gold finds.... I cant tell you how many times Ive come across my detector going off on a piece of bedrock or caliche, and trying to get to the source, with no luck after hammering away at it for a few hours. I now gps mark them, cover them up, and will someday come back with a vengeance, and a nice size battery powered hammerdrill.... :grr01: :D

Hope you get some good gold out of the bedrock...



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