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Nox Gold 1 or Gold 2... and... FE Iron bias settings.

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Hi all,

Is there something I'm missing?  Is the only difference between Gold 1 & 2  the recovery speed?

My main question, the iron bias settings.  It's my understanding that the higher the setting, the more likely to mask small non ferrous signals.  So, P2 (my normal for here) F1 & 2 are all default of 0, while both gold 1 & 2 the default is 6.

Something anyone running a Nox adjusts off default?  Messing with it in air test @ 0 it seems wicked sensitive. (I know... air test) but, I miss smaller targets when switching from park 2 (Fe 0) to 1 (FE 6) when I've tested in the field. 

I've got about 20 hrs on my machine, hitting local parks here in northern California,  swapping thru modes and settings.  Unfortunately,  here they mow the parks with big 3 blade mowers, any trash gets chopped and spread out to confuse and make miserable any serious playing in the gold settings.  Took an hour after my first trip to get my teeth to stop grinding... my machine was set to full auto, and belt fed. Comfortable now running 50 tone full open in the same area... its busy, but you get used too it.

Will be down in se Az for a month or so coming up, hoping those that have run the 800 in the field might get me pointed right on settings. (Or maybe calm a noobs nerves) 

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boy, I tried my 800 out in an incredibly noisy area with lots of ironstone, hot rocks other than ironstone and basalt and I couldn't get it to settle down, it was going off on everything. I was in the settings you describe WLTDWIZ. I kept messing with settings but really was not able to make much of a difference. I know there is no way to quiet down any detector in those circumstances but this was 'way more lively than the GPZ. Thoughts?

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"CW means Continuous Wave and includes all technologies that do not have zero transmit periods (almost all technologies other than PI)."

"The GPZ 7000 is most definitely not a pulse induction detector in that the detector is always transmitting into the ground"

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On 2/22/2020 at 7:59 AM, WLTDWIZ said:

hi i use Gold 1 

& auto tracking

hit the horseshoe & put it in all metals

the nox will find super small gold :thumbsupanim

i dont mess with any other settings

I found this today and my box 800 in gold mode did not detect it. I did not have it in all metal tho I will have to try that



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