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We'll be in the Quartzsite area tomorrow for a day of nugget hunting and then we'll hunt those coins and tokens on Saturday at the QMDC Super Hunt!

We've enjoyed it in the past.  Hope to see you there.


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Its a week later-- The Super Hunt was a blast... Broke even on the coins- found only one token- and won a silver dollar on the silver raffle and 3 numbers off on the 50-50--Lucky women won $392..  The best thing about going to the Quartzsite Hunt is seeing old friends, the sad part is when you ask, "where is ?- .  Its not fun getting old and loosing friends..Well they had 261 hunters and lots of stuff to buy and some neat hand made items.... Lots of gold for sale some from AZ and AK,  Some real nice copper nuggets from the Michigan and the UP.  The Arizona Treasure Seekers had a pretty good coin hunt on Sat. Just off of I-10 and 75th..I came home with a Garrett 350, some silver and some books on AZ...They had a awesome kids hunt... I help plant the coins- lots of foreign coins including Indian head pennies and some silver.  It took the better part of hour for 4 of us to plant coins..It was a hoot to watch them, the ages range from 5 to 12.  Best part was after all the prizes were given out the field was open to hunt.  That when 4 little ones had a detector- one swing it, when it made a sound it was a free for all for who found it..One of the kids said that he had a book on old Chinese coins-- at least he didn't say- "I'll just google it"- .. As for other hunts- AJ has 2 clubs but I can't go, due to other commitments- company and Dr. Appts. 

Now that its looks dry weather is here for a while-- its time to head out to Jackass flats camping and going nugget hunting...Bill-  Got to keep up with him and Bruno... Wait until he retires from his present job--he'll hunt for awhile- decide that he needs to go back to work.. I made that mistake- now it seems like there are not enough hours in the day.  Glad Bill has been putting some great videos on his channel-- the Wickenburger Museum is one of my favorites, and the ones explaining Detectors...I definitely like the way he goes about explaining researching.. I bought a projector box for our club here in SC.  One of the biggest questions where do you get the info.. I tell write the titles down and go to Amazon or come over and they can go through my library and my accumulation of maps of AZ.    Hey -- for those folks out in the Santi wash---Fill in your holes....and Thank You Mike for telling me about the guy in Cape Creek who does the "Viper Avoidance Training for Dogs".  Just before the last rains- my bud - hauled his little butt back to the truck---- I tried to put him back on a leash and go back where I saw he running from-  We only got for far and he locked them and wanted out their.  So now I leave the truck door open and a water dish on the back seat dog bed.  Best $50 I never spent....Now if I only can stop him from trying to catch a road runner.......    

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Don't like to hear that "Doc says no".  mine surgeon at the Mayo gives me a lecture after the last surgery- no sky diving, no racing, no mt climbing.. the wife had to tell him about the last boating venture at home in AK---  After her telling him about my rafting and hauling a 100 # motor with me... I told him that I figure him like one of my mech's- I race it, I break it, I bring it to him to fix it....  His reply-- he doesn't give warranty on surgeries or parts....I was just over in quarts--- tried something- OMUI oil----between that at 2000 mil CDC swab-- I 'm 19 again......Well at least for a couple hours...Its better than oxy and no side affects......Hope to see you at the next hunt....  

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