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Atv pulled large coils for finding meteors

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I am looking for info on building my own coil to use with a detector to find meteors! Like the one on meteor men. Looks like the easiest way is to buy a Lorentz with a fixed length wire coil that can be fixed along the perimeter of a pvc frame. Only drawback is that they are expensive. The plus side is that it will probably be easy to make work being the loop provided is already balanced to the detector. I think it would be better to build a carbon fiber frame over the pvc for strength but would be more expensive. Maybe fiberglass would be cheaper than carbon fiber and a lot stronger than pvc. Any ideas on what detector and coil to use would be appreciated. 

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Pulse Star detector. 

Skip the carbon fiber. Schedule 40 PVC works just fine. If you just can't live with that get Schedule 80.

They won't find meteors though. Only meteorites. So if you are after meteors you will need something with a lot faster pulse and a really long shovel handle.

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