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Help identifying please

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I went hunting yesterday and found a stone  that  has some  different characteristics.

Looks  like packed sand ,Its very lightly magnetic , like 2 thumbprints. Filing color like clay, has a sparkle,like flow lines,like weird circle on it or two, flat side

 I'm not an expert nor do I usually pick up rocks that dont have metal shine

 any help would be great identifying what type of rock it is 

Thank you

Before filling 


I should take another 2 Mills to make it flat

After filling 


Found in Sooke bc canada on the beach 

Thank you



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2 hours ago, wet/dry washer said:

Laurence Garvey at asu is excited about the Costa Rica clay ball meteorite he received this past may 19.

Sounds like a carbonaceous chondrite.

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5 hours ago, Morlock said:

Sounds like a carbonaceous chondrite.

or an asteroite stony iron that contains over 30% carbon, gases and water with 90° perfect cleavage. also medium+ titanium percentage by wieght. and were found by locating the brunt lumber in the 323 SQ miles for smoke tree zip code 92266.

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That is sandstone Wahib. A good rock to carve. 

Definitely not a meteorite. But you are noticing shapes and features that are probably formed in a very similar fashion to ablation. 

We are not giving you a hard time. It is an inside joke around here. These guys like to give wet/dry washer a hard time about his "aerolites" he found. It has nothing to do with your post.


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Thank you all for taking the time to review the post and appreciate your simplified explanations 

 I'll keep it aside, for a carving attempt in the future. 

 There are alot of meteorite words that I am definitely not familiar with though dont hold back I'd rather you guys be honest. 





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