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Researchers find new mineral tucked in a meteorite

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From the article:

Between 2015 and 2019, researchers discovered 31 new carbon minerals, most of them vividly colorful. Edscottite is one of the least flashy new finds, but it's also the one that's set geologists abuzz.

Edscottite is one of the phrases iron goes through when it's cooling down from a high temperature, as it's smelted into steel. But the edscottite discovered in a tiny meteorite and officially named this year is the first to occur in nature.
The Wedderburn meteorite's been sitting in Museums Victoria in Australia since it was found nearby in 1951, and researchers have sliced it open to search its contents just as long.



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2 hours ago, Bedrock Bob said:


Do you think this mineral forms from supersaturation of carbon or by some other mechanism? 

I guess that depends on what you're drinking bob. :alcoholic: How is the bottle shooting going these days? :cowboypistol:

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11 hours ago, Dakota Slim said:

I guess that depends on what you're drinking bob. :alcoholic: How is the bottle shooting going these days? :cowboypistol:

The bottle shooting is awesome Slim! Thanks for asking.

I save the old rare ones worth a few bucks and send the rest to bottle heaven. 

I have a new 6mm BR rifle that will do a beer bottle every time at 600 yards. Had to put a 20x scope on the darn thing just to see the targets. We still get glass in our teeth blasting them at point blank with the .44 but we have added the long range aspect to the bottle game just for variety. 

So the bottle hugging glass worshiping is still a big thing. Here is a sweet orange crush bottle we saved from the massacre a few days ago. Made in Oakland in 1942. 


Back on topic...

I personally think that carbon supersaturation coupled with extremely slow cooling is responsible for this mineral in meteorites. That seems to be key in smelter metals so it seems reasonable to me this is the mechanism by which it forms in meteorites.

Do you have any theories on how it forms like it does?


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