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Explorer SE PRO or Equinox 800

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out of all the detectors I have had....the Equinox 800 is by far the best choice for an all around machine....my opinion

look in the classifieds....good deal on one.

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12 hours ago, Chris Coffee said:

I have a chance to pick up a SE Pro for $500 or but a new 800. Thoughts? 

No doubt, i would choose the Nox and even though i have had my eyes on Rick's deal you should check out what he's offering. Happy hunting :)

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Without a doubt the Equinox 800 is the way to go! As a user and instructor for same I would say for an all around detector under $1000 it can not be beat. And as you know Chris I have tried a lot of them! :old:

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I bought your old SE Pro and found a lot of good things on the beach.  When the 3030 came out I stopped using it exclusively but still liked it.  After I got married my wife used it and found nice gold with it but she also dropped it in the salt water.  We nursed it along for a couple of years before it died of corrosion and Minelab wanted over $500 to repair it.  We bought a lightly used one off eBay last year for the $500 but haven't cranked it up as I am using the 800 and she is busy.

My observation of the SE Pro is that it is much less affected by EMI in some of my beach areas than the 3030 or the Nox.  I like the way the SE Pro sounds but I don't really like what I see on the screen.  Things are sideways rather than up and down.  It not being waterproof limits is use.  I had used it at times with a plastic bag over it to keep the unit dry.  

I've paid for the SE Pro, 3030 and 800 with finds on the beach but I it took less time with the Nox even tho it has been 5 years later and fewer targets on the beaches.  My wife likes SE Pro and when she starts back again she wanted another one so we got it.


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