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Sounds like lead feels like lead what!


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Great day out hunting for gold. I almost didn’t dig up the nugget due to digging 3 bullet fragments in the same area. Even after the suspected nugget was in my scope it was covered with dirt and felt like another bullet fragments. I Can’t  tell you the feeling  wiping the dirt away and seeing a small area of gold.





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If you're hunting gold and don't dig every target, you're leaving gold behind.

Congratulations on that gorgeous nugget !!  :yesss:

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Nice piece! I think I would be searching that area really hard for a source. 

That has not walked very far at all.
Tom H.


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42 minutes ago, Sonny said:

Hi Tom 

I’m really new to gold hunting. What would be the best plan of attack for this area?

Man, that is gorgeous!

Are you below old workings, or in an undisturbed area? I have a similar situation with my last few times. Started out in a large wash, found one piece. Worked that to death, nothing else. Worked each little tributary above wash, no dice, until the last one :). Found two rough pieces on a bedrock dyke. Continued up that wash to the top, where an old addit was dug. Found the roughest specimen in the washed out tailings from that.

I will be reworking the entire route many times. The distance from the first piece to the last is about 600 feet.

It's a detective story, really. This is my first time chasing gold up a hill, and I am thrilled that I was able to find where it came from.

Now, if there are no previously worked areas above you, THAT would get my pulse up a whole lot more!

When I get tired or frustrated and think about walking away from a target, I force myself to dig it up, and then I pack it in for the day. The last piece I dug is the nicest I have found yet, in a sea of iron flakes and .22 casings. Last target of the day, right on the trail. My back was killing me, the brain wanted to quit..... Never walk away!

Regards, Kyle

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Hey Kyle ,

That’s great advise never give up and dig every target. At one location I found a 2 gram nugget about about 8-10” deep .The wash is only about 300’ long  with steep sides. After the first find I hunted up the stream bed and back to the bottom of the wash with no luck.I thought that I had hunted the wash out but was able to locate another nugget a 6g nugget even deeper in the same wash on my next trip.  At the recent find location, I have hunted this wash before with no luck. The same for a couple of fellow hunting buddies. This time  I just happened to swing the coil a little higher in the wash and the only old diggings are on the other side of the wash.

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Sonny , awesome piece of gold you got there.  I would take note of all of the indicators for when you are hunting other areas.  (minerals, topography, intrusions, ground color ... etc)  These clues will help you in new gold areas.

If the wash is not too deep, I would take off some more overburden to get to the bedrock and then run a VLF over it.  There is still more there.  There always is.  :D

Good luck out there!

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