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New NF 12x8, and a couple pieces

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Been a mighty fine week in the desert! I picked up a 12x8 Evo for the 4500, as I have been hunting a lot of rock strewn washes. The Commander 11" is my only other coil, and I was missing a lot of ground by not getting it in between rocks, and up under bushes. 

Very impressed with this coil so far. I have no doubt the Minelab coil would have found these, but I could never have gotten the round coil into the spots they were found. What really blows me away, is how stable the 12x8 runs, compared to the 11.

With the 11, I had a lot of EMI, and false chirps from blades of grass. I usually ran the gain at 9-10, with the stabilizer as low as 7, to get a smooth threshold.

With the 12x8, I can bump gain up to 12, and stabilizer 10.

Sensitive Extra timing was marginal with the 11, and I often couldn't use it. It's very stable with the 12x8.

I'm not the most experienced hand with this machine, but the difference was dramatic to me.

Found a couple really cool specimine pieces! I'll be flogging this spot hard!

Regards, Kyle





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16 minutes ago, Goldseeker4000 said:

How do you like that 8x12?

Love it. I've probably put another 50 hours or so on it since I started this thread. I do get more falsing from hot rocks than I did with the 11" Commander, but I believe that is due to being able to run the gain consistently higher than I could with the ML coil.

I'm able to use slow motion, instead of very slow. Sensitive Extra runs much quieter, and if I back off the gain a couple notches, Deep Audio. Higher stabilizer numbers as well.

I liked it so well, I ponied up for the 17x13. It also runs like a champ, though I don't use it as much. That 12x8 really pokes and prods between/under rocks so we'll, it's the one that stays on 80% of the time.



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