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Hi everyone,  I have been on a long hiatus for a lot of years, but now back in the saddle.  I recently purchased a higher end Minelab detector from Bill and this was part of the deal.  I have never used it and going to stick with headphones.  I would like to sell it for $150.00 and will pay for USPS Priority shipping, CONUS only.  Send me a PM if you might are interested.  

Thanks,   John    





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Here we go!!!!  Reverse Auction!!!

I will randomly drop the price $10 a pop until someone takes it.  It has had enough hits now and you all know about it, so lets have some fun and see where it ends up.



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Well, one night has come and gone with no taker on the reverse auction.  The fun is not over!!!  You watched as I lowered the price as the night went on.  Like I said let's see where the point really is that someone wants the wireless unit.  I do not care where the price ends up.  This is my Christmas Gift so to speak into the detecting group of people that keep a close eye on this forum.  Somebody is going to get a nice deal..  As we get down to the nitty gritty with price tonight.  The first time stamped response gets the opportunity to buy it.  If for some reason the deal does not go down, next in line will get it  Remember,  ONLY CONUS.  Stay tuned,  Price drops will not happen until after 6:00pm Mountain time tonight so everyone who might be at work  today can have a chance. 


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