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Great day today to be out detecting


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Went out today with Luke and Dad to do some detecting. Weather was fantastic! 
First wash I went up I was able to dig this little guy out with my finger. Sure is a neat feeling when you see a little yellow smile looking back up at you.

We met up after a couple of hours and Luke/Dad had not found anything......so we went to the old stand by Pizza wash.

I was able to coax  1.4 gram nugget out of a small trib to the side that I have detected a lot and Luke even hit it. Must have been the bigger 13x17 EVO along with wet ground that I heard it this time. It was about a foot deep. 

Luke scored two nice ones in the main wash. He worked for them though! Must have been about 40 holes he dug chasing banded ironstone, but two of them gave up some yellow.

Mine is on the right, Lukes is on the left. 

Just missed that big rain storm. Got hit with it on the freeway. Would not have wanted to be back in those washes as some of them were still flowing.  
Great day out in the hills :)

Tom H. 





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Yes, it sure was a great day for detecting.  :yesss:

It's always interesting to see water in places where there usually is none.  Made some target recoveries a little more difficult too.  :Diggin_a_hole:

Both of my nuggets were found 'at full depth'.  The 15" EVO and modded 4000 combination seems to be working well.  :D

I'm thankful for good friends and eternally grateful for being 'allowed' to detect in such an awesome place.

Here's my two cleaned up a bit.  2.9 grams total.  For those of you who are good at math....  The larger one was .1g heavier than the smaller one.


20191210_082722 (2).jpg

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2 hours ago, Morlock said:

Don't you guys ever get snow?:rolleyes:

No....that is why we pay the sun tax in the summer. :)
Tom H. 

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2 hours ago, ArcticDave said:

Yep! To be truthful however, it's been a little cold lately. I was wearing two jackets this morning!  :arrowheadsmiley:

You need to change that name from Arctic Dave to Sonoran Dave :4chsmu1:

Tom H.


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14 hours ago, TomH said:

You need to change that name from Arctic Dave to Sonoran Dave :4chsmu1:

Tom H.



12 hours ago, ArcticDave said:

I'll have to ask Bill or Skip if that's even possible. There is no option to change it on my end...I looked :rolleyes:

Yes Dave, I can change your user's name if you want too.

If so I'll can do it later today after work.

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