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I don't know snakes, but I looked up the Ridge Nosed rattler and it has a pretty distinct snout and this one didn't at Bill's outing look like that. 

A few weeks before this I outing I was up in Mariposa and saw this sweet Gopher Snake.

The mates I was with said that they kill rattlers and are immune to their venom?  Are they really immune?  It was a beautiful snake, really distinct markings.




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9 hours ago, bsumbdy said:

It's a light colored Western Diamond Back. Not a Ridge Nosed.


Chris, I looked at the photo a bit closer and you're indeed correct, when looking to the left of the snake's head in the gap between it's body I can see part of the black and white colored section of it's tail, I missed that when I was looking at the photo previously. 

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Mr. No Shoulders are a nasty breed to be sure of any ilk. Bless snake shot shells as kept me from being bitten more than once, that and being a fast draw in a unmobile position. Take care out there-John

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