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Hello from Tucson

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Hello Forum, new to the hobby but feel I have a little head start with the forum and Bill's input.  Finalizing a Nox 800 purchase and will be breaking it in soon.  Looking forward to meeting others in the area who might want to take a newbie under their wing for an outing or two.  Getting ready to semi retire so will have some time to do some exploring.


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Consider going to the meeting at the Tucson Chapter of the GPAA on Dec 18th http://www.gpatucson.org/.  The GPAA lists the contact info as

David Steimle • 520-490-5325
There is options out there. Roadrunners has claims throughout AZ.  Here's the link to the roadrunners club calendar: https://www.roadrunnergold.com/event-calendar/
There's many, many other clubs available in AZ.  I just mentioned two. If you contact the club about meetings, they may allow you to attend if you are interested in joining.
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Id also look into the desert gold diggers. I’ve found some nice gold on their claims when I used to be a member.


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I'll be in Benson for a month or so starting early February. Am a GPAA member.  If your interested in checking out some of the claims with me in the Greaterville area, youd be welcome, that was my plan while there. Am Equinox equipped as well. Am new, but built up about 30 hrs on the nox locally just figuring it out. Pretty comfortable with it all, except maybe the iron bias.

If interested, shoot me an email.


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