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Recipe: ABT's,,, atomic buffalo turds


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Hot peppers, cored and seeded....

Cream Cheese( the real stuff)

Raspberry Chipotle sauce(costco)


............ Don some nitrile gloves(your kibbles and bits will thank me later)...Lop off the stem side of the peppers, core and wash.

Heat up a brick of the cheese and a few flops of the Chip sauce in a  pot. Keep stirring well past everything melting together. Evap off some of the water therein.

With your injector of choice, squirt the above mix into the pepe's. Refrigerate 1 hr.

Wrap in bacon and stab w' toothpicks to keep them together.. grill upright if at all possible... I use a rib rack.

About a half hour at 350 shoul get them in the ballpark... any habanero or ghost peppers  in the mix ?use more toothpicks to denote the danger of an emergency room visit.

Presently raining in Diego cnty,  and Traeger is covered in foil ... ABTs almost done for tomorrow.

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Thank you and you are welcome .

Bhut Jolokia(ghost pepper) is just plain evil incarnate , and grows quite well here in So Cal.

Without gloves, screams will  erupt from the loo.

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