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What type of rock, mineral, or crystal is this?

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Oh Me gosh! I have a Native American flint artifact, which I believe is 100% identical to the one in the center pic. I'll see if can get you a quick pic of it here.

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Some might say this flint looks natural... but it was found along with a large flint spear point and many different styles of flint scrapers, all out of the same color flint.

The curved edge which appears a little curly, is actually sharp as a knife, you can cut yourself with it.













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15 hours ago, d_day said:

Most likely quartz.

Don't you want to give her the toilet tank lid routine? The warm vinegar line?

It does not look like calcite but we would be remiss in our duties if we did not request that the OP do some sort of bizarre test. 

I think it is quartz because of the crystal angles. I'm 99% sure. But we might have her spin around fast three times and drop it in a bucket of battery acid just to make sure it's not calcite. 

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