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Yes we were down for about 19 hours due to a communication issue between Invision (the forum provider) and PayPal, between Bill and I we've been working on the issue since last night when I discovered the forum offline to get the miscommunication resolved and the forum back online, the forum is back as you can see...BUT Invision needs to check their setup with PayPal so that all of their departments get notified, especially their accounting department when a payment is made on time and not just their bank account!! :barnie::2mo5pow:

We were also offline about this time one month ago but for not as long, other than that there hasn't been any other  issue in between then and now, we also from time to time will be offline for a few minutes whenever there is a forum software update/upgrade while it's being installed.

Edit: We also made steps so this hopefully doesn't happen again even if Invision doesn't get their connection with PayPal fixed!

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I was having withdraws.....almost didn't make it! 

Tom H.


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