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Hey Skip!

I am having trouble uploading this photo from my stupid phone. I want it to be my new profile photo. It works fine in a post but stalls my phone browser when I try to load it on my profile.

What's up? How can I get this cool photo on my profile? 


Thanks Skip!

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OK Bob, I got it as your profile photo, I did the best I could but can't seem to get the left and right black edges to go completely away, it was bigger black edges but got it to a minimum, I will try again later to see if I can get rid of all the black.

I also made a little mistake and changed your background photo on your profile page from what it was to this photo as well and I could only position it to either see most of the bass or your face but not both, I went with the bass since it looks better than you  :ROFL:, if you need that changed back to the original photo I would need that previous photo to change it back.

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1 hour ago, pairadiceau said:

Bob, Is that a large mouth?  No, the fish, I meant the fish....

Great shooting sir!

 They are indeed largemouths. Both of them. :)


There is something about fish and arrows that just groove. Some ancient genetic code that makes people want to shoot sticks into fish. I swear I can hear jungle music and monkeys in the trees whenever I connect with a shot.

Along the lakes and rivers I am a local legend. The people in the villages call me Cool Arrow and sing corridas in my honor. :25r30wi:


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