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Big sexy bass

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Check this one out! 6 lbs 3 oz. and 22" long. The little one is just under 2.5 lbs. and 18".


That is a bottle of beer in his mouth. He is laying on the tailgate of my truck. Check out how wide he is in comparison to the tailgate!

I am pretty sure that this is the biggest largemouth bass I have ever taken. I sure can't recall ever landing a bigger one. 



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16 minutes ago, NvAuMiner said:

Nice catch Mr.  Put up a good fight I'm sure, maybe with a few jumps too...

I shot him with a bow. I hit him a bit funky and barely got the shaft through his middle.

He fought like crazy. I thought I was going to loose him. I let him play himself out really good before trying to land him. It took a couple minutes to get him in for sure.


Here is a better photo that my son took. 

I generally don't shoot largemouth but this guy was just too big to pass up. I would hate to shoot an arrow into one and have him get away. But the stars were all in alignment today and I got a two-fer. 

I hit the second one just right and killed him with the shot. So he was no fight at all. That is the way it is supposed to happen. He is a mighty nice largemouth at 18" but he looks like a crappie next to that big monster.



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15 minutes ago, clay said:

Nice Bass!

Is that at big hole?

We were near the oxbow. At the north end of Caballo near Palomas. 

There are 25 lb. Carp up there that will jerk the bow right out of your hands. I got several that were longer than the arrow. We forgot all about that shite after I pulled this rascal in. 



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Nice bass Bob, that about the same size as the biggest I have caught on rod and reel with 10 lb test line on it, I was completely surprised when I caught mine since all the bass we had been catching up to that point were in the 2 Lb range or smaller, we were in a 16' canoe and there were some very big alligators in the 5 acre lake we were fishing and that bass was sorta towing us a little bit as I was fighting it, it took me a little while to land it because there were many submerged trees and log in the lake and I didn't want to get tangled and break the line and I was afraid that one of those gators would also come into play before I could get that rascal in the canoe, but in the end I won!!

A little more about the gators in that lake, the shore line had a few small coves along the edges, we went into one of the bigger ones and not too long afterward a very big bull gator didn't seem to like us being in that cove and came right towards us, and wasn't stopping, as he got within 5 or 6 feet of the canoe and was every bit as long as the canoe or close enough to the same size for me I took my paddle and slapped the water right in front of his nose, he swirled and dove under the wake from his actions almost capsized us but we managed to stay upright and paddled as fast as we could to get out of "his cove", he resurfaced in the middle of the cove and just sat floating there staring at us as we made a fast exit, luckily he seemed happy that we were gone and didn't pursue us and we continued fishing the rest of the lake and left him to his cove.

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