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For sale 1890 3rd Model 22 Long Winchester Pump Rifle


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For sale 1890 3rd Model 22 Long Winchester Pump Rifle. Manufactured in 1909. Very Nice condition. Must see to appreciate.This rifle has been in the family since the early '60's. I actually met the original owner when I was just a youngster. He used it as a "Saddle Gun" on his horse. Can send more detailed pictures upon request. Must have AZ Drivers license or AZ Concealed Carry Permit I.D.  Bill of Sale will be completed. Local Sales Only, No Shipping.
$425 or Best Reasonable Offer. Thanks for looking.







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Very cool!  Believe it or not, I found one exactly like that in an abandoned ranch closet near Death Valley when I was about 14 ... Only problem was the barrel was bent ... I ended up trading it for a stripped down bicycle ... Then traded the bicycle for a little gas powered  air plane which I crashed and destroyed on my first flight attempt ... Win some, lose some ! ... Cheers, Unc

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I did have one just like that one.  I found it in a old barn that the widow of the man that owned it said I could have anything in the barn that I wanted.  There was nothing of value there until I checked on top of the rafters and found two very old rifles'.   They were all rusty and pitted but I got them working again.  I had more fun with the 22 until it was stolen from my little travel trailer I left in Pennsylvania while moving to Arizona, that was in 1966.  The other was an old Henry square barrel that I sold to a man that put it over his fire place.  It was not fit to be used properly.  

   Old Tom   

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