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Half mile wide asteroid is passing by today. The VTP  allows us peons without  a telescope to view in realtime.

"The colossal asteroid, dubbed Asteroid 1998 HL1, will swing past Earth this evening (Friday, October 25). Astronomer Gianluca Masi of the Virtual Telescope Project in Italy believes amateur astronomers will be able to see the space rock from home. The US space agency NASA estimates HL1 measures in the range of 1,443ft to 3,248ft (440m to 990m) across"

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Hello all,

I'm going out to the All Arizona Star Party about 40 miles east of Quartzsite, AZ at the Hovatter Towers exit to observe Asteroid 1998 HL1 at +12.35 magnitude. It is reasonably listed at 589 m in diameter or 1932 ft.  The observing site is about 4 miles east and 3 miles south of the exit on an abandoned airfield. About 150 people will be there all weekend with about 75 scopes up to 26" in diameter mirrors. 

On Wednesday, Oct 23 11:09 p.m. MST I video recorded asteroid 16 Psyche eclipse a +10.2 magnitude star for 14.5 seconds near the eclipse center line. The magnitude drop was 1.1. The silhouette of the asteroid will help the NASA space probe, which will rendezvous with this all metal asteroid and go into a stable orbit.

Below are two prior occultation cords used to project the shape of 16 Psyche.




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