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Great day in the desert


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Did a short hunt up one of my old washes that I knew got hit hard with the rains  a  few weeks ago.  (owl wash)  Wow...was it different. Bedrock ive not seen before and piles of blow sand. Got a little goober as soon as I turned on the 5000. Not much after that. It was one of those days when you just decide to take it easy/enjoy the county and look around......not focusing so much on finding gold. I had my headphones off on one target and heard some crunching off to the side. Investigated it and it was a big ol desert tortoise up on the bank. Got some good pics of it.  The main wash to (owl wash) got hammered hard with the rains. Lots of Palo verde trees  that were in the middle of the wash are gone along  with the islands they stood on. Looks like about 6 ft high water in the main wash and about 15 ft high when it hit the main road/culvert. 

Tom H.  










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Nice little picker.

Don't know how many times that's happened to me. You hit on one within the first five minutes and thinking this is going to be a great day...only to get skunked from then on.

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I was using a 9x14 Evo Coil by Nugget finder. I have used CoilTek in the past but they seem to have problems with falsing after banging them around a few years. My buddy was using a 15 round Evo coil He was shooting deeper than I was with it.  This is not to say the "stock" minelab coils are not good. They are very good. Best advice I can give is just boots on the ground. Learn your machine and the coil that is on it. Once you learn that, you can experiment with other coils as the budget fits. I like the Mono Coils in the Arizona desert. Seems to handle the ground better. 

If you have any other questions....just ask.

Tom H.


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Thanks for sharing your experience with the 5000 and coils. I've been working with the DD only and plan to learn it before I put the mono on. I'll get my hands on instruction in November with Bill or Mike when I get there. 

I live in Georgia, 50 miles from Dahlonega and have been out 2-3 times so far and will be out again later this week a couple of times. It's different here than the desert.... 

Thanks again for the advice! 


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The 5000 is an awesome machine when it is in the right hands.  Nice work as usual, Tom!!

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