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Minelab SD2100 value?

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 Hello everyone, a very good friend of mine has a complete Minelab SD2100 (the green one) set up that he is looking to get rid of, but has no clue what they are worth. So I figured I would ask the experts here what their thoughts are! He recently bought a GPZ7000 and wants to either sell his SD2100 or trade it for a new GM1000. He has all stock gear with it and an extra battery and everything functions perfectly. What are y'alls thoughts? Any and all suggestions/comments welcome. Thank you in advance. 

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25 minutes ago, Uncle Ron said:

Love the 2100...I kept mine even though I hunt with the 4500 plus got a 1000 from Bill... Cheeers, Unc


 That's the exact same two detectors I use, Unc. Wouldn't give up the GM1000 for anything. Still trying to get the settings right for the 4500.

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Chris, what size coil/coils come with the machine?

I might be interested in purchasing.

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I'd like to have one and send it in to get it modified 

"All detectors can have increased performance by replacing the input Field Effect transistors with lower loss types that have recently become available. The SD2100 to the GPX5000 can have variable frequency added, this makes a very big difference in regards to the size of the gold, the depth and type of coil that you are using. All detectors can have a variable gain board added that greatly increases the sensitivity and also allows for correct ground mineral reduction so that gold targets can be distinguished in noise ground or in noisy electrical environments."

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