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Millbillille pronounced

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I think that word can only be pronounced with a mouth full of Vegemite.

I once saw a video of an Australian kid reciting the alphabet. It was a lot like a Navajo spelling bee. Quite incomprehensible.

I have never heard words like that spoken. I only recognize them by the printed word. 

It is a darn good question. What the heck does that word sound like?

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1 hour ago, Bill37 said:

I have a Millbillille specimen, but don't know how to pronounce it.  Would someone please tell how?


Have six quick beers then say millbilly. It will come out perfectly.

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Thank you for the responses.  Nice place, here.  Much appreciated!!

I happened to have a chat with Beth Carrillo,  President of Aerolite Meteorites.  She said:

It all rhymes with Bill, and is pronounced Mill-Bill-ill-ee.





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If you don’t know what a CHOOK is? don’t even try with the word Millbillille

I had half a dead Chook for smoko today and it was bloody bonza mate

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