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A Slice of Meteorite Pie anyone ?

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Well the ol Badger :4chsmu1: got hisself out in the field yesterday, had  gorgeous weather as September draws to a close.
Detected some deep ones :yesss:  with a 7 x 14 N.F. Advantage on the 4500 an using Black Widows to ease the "deafness".
Started off in the morning with the "pie shaped" piece with my coffee an ended the day with the 149 grammer :yesss:
Bedrock Bob, WHAT "flavor pie slice" would you guess ?? !!  :00000067:maybe "out" of this World flavor !
2 nuggets and 4 more space turds were brought to light by a buddy that was with me. 




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3 hours ago, Bedrock Bob said:

 show us the streak. :25r30wi:


,:inocent:Now, if you had said ,"scratch it on your lid :89:and show the streaks on your toilet", maybe...

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11 hours ago, hardtimehermit said:

Nice hunting Frank, looks like maybe some desert chondrites huh? Did you get a chance to show us a window into the stone, or are you in a secret strewn field? either way looks like a beautiful day was had. :)

Old strewn field, Gold Basin, and yes it wuz a fantastic day both enjoyable and weather wise !
These are the "REAL DEAL" no windows necessary :old::head:

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