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Found massive strange stone

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Got another one, this one was about 80 pounds until I broke it.  I noticed a small fracture going through it so I took a tiny hammer and tapped along the line.  The stone broke in half. These are the pictures of two pieces, another portion broke apart as well along another fracture.  Any idea as to what it is?   It is slightly magnetic and fairly hard, I can't break a 1"-1/8" in half with my hands without it hurting.








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1 minute ago, Au Seeker said:

I wouldn't worry about you posting too frequently, it's the weekend and most are out doing weekend stuff and as such most forums are slow on the weekends!

Thanks for the clear up, I should have known better.  I'll be more patient now haha

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The only way to identify the rock is to identify the minerals it is comprised of and observe what physical state they are in (oxidized, crystallized, etc.etc)

In you photo you can't see those constiuents. There is no way to know what they are.

It looks like common field stone of the sedimentary metamorphic variety. But it could be anything.

Pick up a good field guide for identifying rocks and get a hammer and a magnifying glass. Before posting a rock break a piece off with a hammer. Not at a natural fissure but into the solid meat of the rock. Take a look at the individual mineral grains and try to identify them. Use the field guide to take you through the process. 

You will be able to ID rocks a lot easier. And when you can't you will be able to give us the info we need to help you.

Im not going to try and explain mineral ID typing on my phone with my thumb. You are going to have to take initiative on that one. There are lots of good guides out there and the process is not difficult to understand.

The photos and info you post do not help to ID the rocks. You need to learn what differentiates one rock from the other and post info that we can use to help you.

Rather than trying to identify rocks you have found, identify their mineral constituents. Once you can identify basic minerals then identifying rocks is a lot easier. Show us a few minerals and we can identify the rocks. 

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