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18 hours ago, BMc said:

You are editing faster than I can keep up with you. Pick a story Bob, and stick with it! I never said the protests weren't valid. There is a lot of validity in their anger and frustration. You could have seen it first hand if you had ever worn a uniform and served a day in your life instead of watching it on TV.

Or, if you possessed an ounce of patriotism, you could possibly understand what the flag, the anthem, and the USA means to those who do!  And those people are the fans, the ticket buyers and the customers who buy the products advertised on the networks that broadcast those games.

I have been horrified and disgusted by many of the shootings I have seen on television. I couldn't agree more that some of the shootings we see, do happen because the cops were "scared", adrenaline racing, tunnel vision and other physiological factors. There are many reasons for this, poor training, lack of experience, lack of supervision, and some that are "unsuited" for the job. I don't have a problem with any of that. But when you choose to suit up to make your millions of dollars before the paying public, it is about who's paying your salaries and buying those products. Yes, it is about perception. And it is about ticket sales.


10 hours ago, Bedrock Bob said:

Why the disparaging personal observations Mac? 

Is this the way intelligent men discuss things?

Are you afraid to discuss this as equals?




9 hours ago, Bedrock Bob said:

He is allowed to post political topics and make personal attacks. I have done neither.

Yeah. We know where this is headed and why. 

As long as you will let him post screed and then attack me for my opinion I will keep it up. The only one out of bounds here is Mac. This was and still is a healthy discussion outside of his attacks. 

This isn't about "both of us". This is about lack of moderation. You are letting him insult and get personal and then blaming us "both" when I won't roll over and take it. That is horse crap and everyone here knows it.



I'm sorta late on what been posted while I was asleep last night and then at work today....BUT....I don't think this topic would be considered outright political...but getting close....I do agree with Bob that his patriotism and his contribution to his country/community was questioned by Mac (I highlighted in red the remarks in the quote above) and that is indeed a personal attack albeit in the guise of being on topic!!

I give kodos to Bob for holding his tongue in light of those remarks!

That being said...Mac take this as a warning to refrain from such remarks towards other members in the future no matter how veiled or outright you word it, it will not bode well if you do!

I know that you and Bob don't feel all warm and fuzzy about each other...but I warn anyone here that your personal feelings towards another member/s need to be kept to yourself, I also don't condone and wouldn't advise expressing those feelings even VIA a PM, if anyone chooses to do so VIA a PM and the recipient reports that to me I will take the appropriate action.

 That all being said, if you don't care for another member's opinions, best to not respond at all when you don't like someone and don't respect their right to their opinion, they have the right to their opinions and it will not be tolerated to attack them for their opinion, discussing your opinion compared to their's is allowed....BUT thread lightly because differences in opinion get out of hand easily and more so when not expressed face to face, body language, facial expressions, etc. can not be read/observed VIA written text to get the full meaning of what someone is truly trying to say!! 

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