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White Meteorwrong ?

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Hi again from Oz 

I found this rock once again on a flood plain in NSW where I live. There are a very small number of rocks where I fond this so I generally take notice of the ones I see. Most of the rocks are basalt and dark in colour so this one stands out in the crowd! 

It has all rounded edges that don’t look like water worn to me? It also has obvious cracks on the surface and a very interesting pattern and texture on the crust! It’s about a similar weight to basalt rock, it has a small piece missing so you can see a little better inside the rock, it has pin size black spots consistant all over, and it also has grey grans- spots that are larger than the black ones but not as many! It’s not magnetic.

Can anyone help ID my White rock please ? 







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You are going to need more data if you are going to "prove" it's a meteorite. It doesn't seem unlike a meteorite. A chemical test might not be enough. Unless you can match it to known meteorites, getting it recognized will be hard. Mineralogical testing is a better option, as it has more of a chance to show non-terrestrial molecules.

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take a look at the top of this forum to get an idea about wrongs and rites...

generally you will get opinions whether you have a possible meteorite or not...telling you what it is , is usually not what happens...there is mineral forum that might help...

it almost looks like well worn fossil to me...probably not!


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Hi guys, and thanks for your reply’s! But I didn’t think this was or say anywhere that I thought that this was a meteorite! I was more curious to what it was than what it isn’t. 

Its not fossil bone i’ve already ruled that one out! And thanks for the concretion suggestion Ben, that seems possible to me?

but seems I’m in the wrong section of the forum and should have have been in rocks and minerals??  Sorry but I’ve only just started in this forum and still learning my way. 

cheers Budgie



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3 hours ago, Regmaglitch said:

Hi Budgie B,

.        It looks like a concretion - fossil mud.  Not a meteorite.

Keep hunting, luck smiles on the persistent.


Thanks for that Concretion suggestion Ben, that might be it! 

Yes I’ll definitely keep hunting because like U2 say ( I still havn’t found what I’m looking for) 😁😁

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On 9/23/2019 at 11:13 AM, fredmason said:

What happened to the other one? Did you talk to Ray?

Yes I’ve msg Ray a couple times now and he’s very interested in my find and says there has been others similar to mine found around the same area. 

Which surprised me as I’ve never heard about Meteorites around here before. I’m hoping he might have a pic of one of them so I can compare. As I would much rather believe what I see to what I here!

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On 9/23/2019 at 12:20 AM, Morlock said:

Definitely not a meteorite. Don't need any more data. Just knowledge on what they look like.

Thanks for the advice but I don’t have any problems identifying Meteorites.

regards Budgie

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