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Fossilized Meteor

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2 hours ago, chrisski said:

Apparently you can get fossilized meteors.  All you need to do is get a couple thousand pounds of limestone, dissolve it, and look for chromite grains.


Wow, that is such great lengths for so little data. The universe made itself somehow, one star doesn't explain life. Who knows? Maybe the mechanism that built life is a giant meteorite that worked as a machine that wrote DNA. I have seen plausible theories that suggest porous rocks organized the ingredients for life. Since we know the rumor that meteorites don't have vesicles is false, we can see how an accidental chemical machine could be made. 

And by doing further science, we could check if there is evidence the universe itself chose to make us humans to try to figure out immortality. Lol

My crazy theories. I actually have a unified field theory of my own.

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