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Hello from new member from Pennsylvania

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Hello, just joined the forum, 9/17/2019.  I live in Pennsylvania, Southeast region, slightly West of Philadelphia.

I am very new to prospecting and have stuck my pan in a couple local creeks but have not found color yet.  I would really like to get down South or out West to actual gold country.  Life and scheduling do not permit that currently so, I am concentrating on South central Pennsylvania, York and Lancaster counties, where colors have been reported.

I like the thrill of exploration and the idea that I could possibly find something that was brought to this planet by meteor/asteroid.

If I come across a stream worth futher investigation, I will probably invest in a a sluice but for now, I am only using a pan and classifiers.  My wife thinks I am nuts, and ridiculous for oogling every rock formation, culvert and stream we come across.  We hike in some local state/county parks that have all the signs of promise, such as, quartz, black sand, mineralization in rocks/quartz.  Just wish it had that last item we are all looking for. 


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Welcome to the forum and "Gold Fever"  ReedKidd!

I have created a new topic for your post and moved it to the new topic...Titled "New Member from Pennsylvania", so you will get more attention, by posting in someone else's topic you may not have gotten welcomes of your own and advice from other members here.

From my own research over the years for gold in the eastern states, most if not all gold in Pennsylvania is glacial gold, meaning it was deposited by glaciers during the ice age, most likely you will only find a few specs here and there, but it's possible to find a picker/flake or two or a small nugget if you get lucky.

Research "glacial moraine" maps for Pennsylvania, glacial moraine is the deposits pushed down from Canada by the glaciers and left after the glaciers receded, any gold will be in these areas, once you find some glacial moraine deposits work the streams in that area, try and get down to some solid bedrock, on top of very large rocks/boulders or heavy clay deposits which will stop any gold from migrating down any further through the over burden, also thoroughly clean out any material in any cracks and crevices you find in any bedrock and hopefully you will have some luck!

Also the piece of quartz you posted is unlikely to have any gold in it....UNLESS...it was also brought down from Canada by the glaciers and even then it would be a rare find.

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