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New reply on "Bill, and subscribers I live in Congress AZ of course looking to join 1 or 2 clubs for claims to hunt, which ones to join gpaa was member few years ago lots of claim all worked hard I think,road runners pricey I think don't know how worked over ,weaver not much left in claims,amra reasonable don't know where claims are in AZ or how worked over they do have claims in other states Which ones do you belong to Which 2 would you most likely choose if could have only 2 Best chances to find nuggets Only have gpx5000 if that makes a difference Thank for any help Going to get 4wd jeep if stay in this area or 4 WD pick up or suv and maybe small trailer travel like 16 ft or so to take weekend or 5 day to like Quartzsite or other places I know ask 100 people get 100 answers, just want opinions no secrets if you want to share claim name pm me just between me and you won't tell anyone or take friends no friend to take just wife and one detector"

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GPAA are ok, RRPC is better in my opinion. I can't comment on AMRA claims, aside from knowing they do a lot of good for prospectors.

The claims are not all pounded.  I have pulled gold out of both, this year.  You just have to work a lot harder for it.  I suggest observing the claimed areas and work in areas that look similar. 

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