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I'm going to buy a MD to search for coinz and GOLD. 

I live in Springfield Oregon, and there are places to look for Placer Deposits, I want to be Coin and relic searching too.  The MD must be able to go into a stream or under a waterfall, and to a park and grass and streams.

My Choices are Minelab due to my Military Discount:):thumbsupanim

My choices are::old:

1) Equinox 800: Great Machine for everything including Au:party-smiley-027[1]:

2) Gold Monster 1000: Great Machine for Ag- I don't know if it can be used for coinz/relic  though

3) x-Tera 705-:A good Machine for all-around including not as good Ag

Or if no Military Discount; Fischer Gold Bug Pro or 2

I know the 800 is the most versatile: However the F Goldbug pro is seemingly good and less $$


What's your opinion?

Thank you and Happy Hunting!!

Ps I attaching my very first find with my Garret Carrot Pro (That's all i have right now...got it for $70.00 slightly used)

Tj Allen

First find.jpg

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Tough call.. too bad you can’t try out some of the detectors on your list to see if they fit the bill. I’d use the Equinox 800 and the XP Deus.

Good Luck!

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The Gold Monster coil can get wet, but the machine is not water proof...... Equinox 800 is better suited to be around water, specially water falls .....

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