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I try to keep up with all the posts and questions from you all, but with my store, website,YouTube, and other social media I just can't get to it all and I truly am sorry about that. My focus these days is on education and entertainment through videos at YouTube and that takes allot of time in the field hunting and filming (which I love) so as a result I do not get online to social media like forums and YT near as much as I used to. Plus I still work 4 days a week at property management. So I am not ignoring anyone just busier than heck and being outdoors as much as possible doing what I love. the best way to contact me is by phone 623-910-0345 and LEAVE A MESSAGE please, I get dozens of calls all day long as well as several spam so if no message I rarely return a call unless I know you. However there are some really knowledgeable folks willing to help here and will jump in to answer your questions if they can and I will always keep this great forum going for that reason.

Thanks as always for your support... Bill AKA Nugget Shooter

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Hello Nuggetshooter! Welcome to the forum!

Please drop by the "New Forum Members" section and familiarize yourself with the rules before you post. You will find that we have a friendly bunch here that is always willing to help and answer any questions you might have.

Welcome to the forum!



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Hi Bill,  Knowing you are getting time out in the field is great. It's lots of fun making video's of the things that make you happy. If you have the choice of being outdoors or being online…it's obvious…go do what you love. I sincerely hope to join you one of these days, it's been quite awhile. 


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Hi Bill, I enjoy your videos thank you for making them. I've pretty much learned everything i know from watching you. Thank you :) 

I finally saw the Little San Domingo Wash (Sando) last Wednesday the 18th. I was pretty excited until i dug one hole and called it a day because it was too hot 101F.

Thanks again,


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