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Hello from Georgia gold country

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I'm Aaron, a new guy to the forum and have been enjoying all the postings in the detecting section. 

I live about 30 miles from Dahlonega and still using the Minelab American Gold Striker detector I bought new in 1995, still working great too! It's hard to put it over gold here.... And don't know anyone else close by that detects. 

I've been to Quartzsite, edge of California, Wickenburg area, Stanton and Meadview areas back in '95 and 2005 detecting in the desert. 

I'm retired now and overdue for a trip to the desert again! But know that it might be a couple of years before I can make it again. 

I'm really enjoying the forum and getting fired up about detecting again! 


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Welcome Aaron! Most of us get out when we can but usually not as often as we would like to. In the meantime, gold research, following posts on the forum and planning, help to keep the fire going. Good luck with your next adventure!

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Hi Zing, good to hear from you. 

I got out to the Turner property yesterday for about 6 hours of detecting.... Found a lot of old square nails, bullet lead and a 12ga shotgun brass from the paper shell days. I also found an old forged pickaxe a couple of weeks ago. 

Get in touch when you get out there and maybe we can meet up and say hello.... 

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Hi Aaron  That sounds great.  I haven't been up there in a while but I'm going to be up there house hunting next week !  It sure is hard to find a place to detect as everything is private property and if it isn't,  metal detecting isn't allowed. I'll let you now next time I'm up there for detectiing


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