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A huge iron found in New Mexico!

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Early this summer I made an important find. I was searching with my Illudium PU-36 Space Modulator in a new spot when I got a strong signal. After digging for hours through 9 feet of corn flakes and Skittles I finally uncovered this baby...



When I found it, it was pretty shabby. It was an old snack wagon that the disabled vets took to local functions. It has a popcorn machine, freezer and all the stuff to outfit a snack concession trailer. I was talking to a buddy of mine one day and he mentioned his veterans group wanted to sell it. I checked it out and the deal was too good to be true.


It has new tires, a removable tongue, spray insulation inside. A flag holder on every corner. Air conditioner, heater, coffee makers, power cords, jack stands and all sorts of stuff. The popcorn machine and freezer were like new and it was fully stocked with coffee, cups, popcorn and oil, display racks, the whole enchilada. It was dirty and greasy but these old guys had it all up and running and in fairly good shape.

It took me about a month and seven gallons of white enamel to restore the fusion crust. I made a window and put a new floor over the rusted steel decking. I put a new wiring harness and connectors on the removable tongue. I'm working on lettering and signage now. It is still a work in progress.

I'm selling my art and crafts out of it right now and it is a fantastic sales platform. By the New Year I plan to be licensed to sell food and snacks too and I am going to take this sucker on the road next spring!

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On 9/3/2019 at 1:33 AM, wet/dry washer said:

what's the total wieht of your huge iron?

The total weight is 3600 lbs. with a specific gravity of 7. Spray foam insulation inclusions probably make it a bit heavier and reduce the SG. I have windowed the spray foam and exposed bright, meteoritic iron in several places. 

It has brakes on both axles to help increase friction and reduce the speed of descent into the carnival atmosphere. When the brakes are applied on an unglazed ceramic surface it leaves two dark streaks indicating sufficient carbonization of the rubber material. This is important because of the immense weight of the main mass.

It has one small regmaglypt on the passenger side where some old dude snarfed it against a road sign trying to get it parked. It was so minor I just left it and painted over it.

It is highly oriented and has a complete roll over lip on the door and all side shutters. The tongue will slide out of the front receiver and you can install it on the rear to reposition the meteorite if needed. So even if someone is parked against you in the front you can pull it back to get the tow vehicle positioned in front of it.

At first glance it seems to be the same at both ends. But upon close inspection with Scanning Electron Microscopy you can see small impact features on the leading edge. These were caused by meteoroids being kicked up by the tow vehicle and impacting the front surface at cosmic highway speeds. There is also a license plate feature and tail light inclusions that define the basal end of the specimen.

There have been several proposed names for this new find. "Bedrock Bob's Bolide BBQ", "The Snackalope", "Tacos Chingon", and "Hombre Hambre". I am working with an entire platoon of experts in the field and the final decision on the name will be forthcoming.


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Bob hopefully now that you got "windows" exposure on all sides the future experts coming in droves to inspect and examine your iron will find it over flowing and filled to the top with tons of little nickel discs, so much so you will have to extract many of them and put them in the bank for safe keeping!! 

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3 minutes ago, Au Seeker said:

Bob hopefully now that you got "windows" exposure on all sides the future experts coming in droves to inspect and examine your iron will find it over flowing and filled to the top with tons of little nickel discs, so much so you will have to extract many of them and put them in the bank for safe keeping!! 

To heck with the nickel disks Skip. I am after the folding olivine paper! And I like the invisible intergalactic transactions that make my bank balance magically increase when I swipe their cards!


I have been setting up a little booth for years now at various events. I have had a gold panning booth, a crafts booth and I put stuff inside inflated balloons with a vacuum chamber.  My mother sold crafts at the fairs and markets since I was a kid so I grew up with it. I have always wanted to do a snack wagon or food booth.

I have been using this trailer to sell crafts. It has doubled my sales. I used to load and unload all my stuff from a pickup at every show, and then load/unload it again at the house. It was a lot of work and stuff always gets scuffed up moving it. Now my set-up and take-down is much less effort and no damage. So it has been twice the cash for half the work. I love it man!

I plan on selling my crafts as well as drinks/snacks. My crafts don't take up much space and that leaves plenty of room for a snack vending window. After the holidays I will have a couple months to get it together and find someone interested in helping out.

I will start simple with a barrel of cold drinks, popcorn, pop sickles and ice cream bars. Maybe coffee and baked goods in the cold weather. I don't plan on cooking. Just selling pre-packaged stuff that is quick and easy without having to prepare it.  Maybe if that works out I will offer burritos or pozole.

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3 hours ago, wet/dry washer said:

can even cause fire.

Only if you leave the popcorn popper on with oil in it.

There are two 8 lb. type ABC extinguishers aboard as per local fire codes just in case.

The highly reflective white enamel fusion crust and spray insulation keeps the surface of the meteorite cool even at cosmic highway speeds. You can park in tall grass immediately after falling from orbit and never run the risk of a fire.

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20 hours ago, Regmaglitch said:


      I like the name:  Snacks One Guey ===>



Orale Ben! 

I have decided to doll it up like a snake oil wagon. I'm getting a guy to design some vinyl graphics to decorate it. I have a few old elixir ads that I will base it on. 

Maybe integrate some calaveras, a few zias and a Guadalupe or two into it somewhere.


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