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Here we go again, Skip..

Swampstomper Al

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Yes AL, I think you maybe safe for this one, but one never knows for sure with these storms until it almost too late to run if you were thinking about doing so.

Here in the Carolinas on the other hand it will be either a hit or close miss it looks like right now, either way I'm riding it out, in the 45 years I've been here I have only left for 2 hurricanes, one to help a friend evacuate his father's very valuable art collection and the other time because I had very young kids, and I now live on high ground and only have to worry about high winds which never really concern me anyway.

Keep your head down if she makes sudden a left hand turn!!

Edit: I just checked and as of 9 EST she's just sitting out there churning, stationary, not moving at all, these hurricanes hardly ever do what they're suppose to do, they never listen to the forecasters!!

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43 minutes ago, Au Seeker said:

high winds which never really concern me anyway.

I can certainly believe that with all your forum moderator experience Skip, hard blowing winds shouldn't bother you at all! :)

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10 hours ago, Au Seeker said:

...I just checked and as of 9 EST she's just sitting out there churning, stationary, not moving at all...

Hard to believe it's almost 11 hours since you posted the above and it still holds true.. Add the hours she was stalled prior to 9 PM Mon and it becomes downright unbelievable! Must say I'm glad I haven't been in Freeport the last couple of days..

OK -- the way things are right now at almost 8AM Tuesday 20190903 just off of FL I-95 Exit 208 is it's just another day in paradise.. We've had 4 or 5 showers and accompanying breeze associated with Dorian's very outer rain bands since yesterday AM, but other than those it's been pretty much business as usual.. Downright calm even.. This only goes to show how much difference a few miles makes with this hurricane, since approx. 23 miles ESE at the Cocoa Beach Pier it's been fairly steady 20 - 25 mph winds & squally during this same time frame..

But that's all about to change, or so they say, yet again... For all I, or they, know, Cap't Kirk's about to send this entire mess into deep space, widest dispersion..

According to the weather charts I've been able to find online Dorian "should" track pretty much N along FL E coast about 60-80 mi asea.. That would still hit us here with up to Cat 1 conditions..

However, given that 3 days ago Dorian was going to track past west of here up through central FL already downgraded to a Cat 1, and two days ago she was tracking straight up US 1 as a Cat 3, I'll believe what happens here when it finally does..

L8rz y'all,


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1 hour ago, Swampstomper Al said:

Lucked out here inland.. Have power, very little overall damage.. Fifteen mi E the beach got it twice as bad..

GL to ya Skip; hope all goes OK..


She pretty much has passed us by here but still a little breezy, she was far enough off the coast to not cause  very much damage, at least not here 15 miles inland, the beaches I'm sure got a bit battered, she headed towards Charleston at present but in a NNE direction so she shouldn't cause to much damage up there either.

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