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MINER'S DELIGHT - Wyoming Gold!


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Are the hoodoos and sedimentary formations in the placer area? Or are those in different geology?

They are sweet formations but strange geology for gold. Is that why those smaller nuggets are so pounded? The gold is obviously from two different eras or areas.

Is it like Hillsboro where there are two distinct times and placements of gold?

There is a story to be told there. You are just the man to tell it!


So is this a hawk or one of those hoodoos carved in the shape of a hawk? :laught16:


Just kidding Mac. The photos are great and the gold is awesome! I just have to needle you about something. :) 

So what about that crazy geology? Does the placer come down into that sedimentary stuff? Is there underlying formations? 

That is crazy stuff to find gold in man! Tell us the story if you will!



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Good eye Bob! Perhaps kind of obvious, but I will say in agreement that these formations are definitely gold indicators. They indicate that if it's gold Ye be seeking, keep moving, for Ye shall find nothing here! However, they were so interestingly mysterious and stimulating to the imagination, I had to snap a few shots along the way to one of the placer areas. Realistically speaking, the geology is in fact complex, and frequently changing in the various regional gold districts. The strange sedimentary formations shown in the photographs happened to be adjacent to a placer deposit, (as I alluded to in an earlier post), which according to Geologists,  is believed to have been transported from a distant source by glacier activity which accounted for the flat shape/thickness of the gold in the green plastic scoop. The nugget shown on the map came from an entirely different geological structure which tends to dominate the greater South Pass/Atlantic City 2.5 billion year old Green Stone belt, consisting of mines and prospects aligned along intrusive contacts and shear zones. The Hawk is an Eagle, perched on a distant hilltop . . .


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Thanks for the reply Mac. It all makes sense now.

I know the country there pretty well from a passenger's perspective. I spent 10 years in Wyoming as a youngster. We used to hunt in the Wind River area and on up into the Teton. We were always travelling to Shoshone or Lander on business.

That was long before my prospecting days.

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BMc just getting a hang of this site, familiar sights in your pic's. maybe one day we will run into each other in that neck of the woods I think that would be cool. I could use some pointers from a veteran. I rarely see another soul up there except for camping folk.

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