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The First Meteorite to Crash Into a Car

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Sorry guys,

Hundreds of objects have been hit my meteorites. The old count of buildings just in the US from a reasoned report was 155.  Peeksville was just the most famous. A parked car windshield in the suburbs of Chicago was hit by an authenticated meteorite a few years ago. And yes, people have been killed by meteorites. Sky and Tel did a major article on it about ten years ago listing about 17 events. Even Tunguska killed two people, a guy blown out of his tent into a tree and an elderly man who died from injuries with possible unknown casualties from the closer Inuit population, poorly reported in the west but reliably recorded in Russian reports.

It is like Charles Lindbergh in 1927 was the 67th person to fly nonstop across the Atlantic, not the first. Two gentlemen flew from Newfoundland to Ireland in 1915 and a dirigible with 32 differing passengers flew both ways from England to New York and back a year or two earlier. Lindbergh was the first to fly SOLO across the Atlantic.



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