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New type of meteorite

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No, it's not explosive sandstone meteorites from Mars, but never-the-less interesting.  It also highlights the diligent science that is required to make such a claim of a new meteorite type.


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     You are right Mike, sill interesting. If you want to talk real crap about why I know that the sandstone I have is a meteorite, DM me and I can walk you through everything I have discovered so far. I know a lot of people on here have looked at my find as a joke. I don't mind this as I have very credible evidence that support all of my claims. If you think that I am joking about all of this feel free to reach out to the Manitoba Museum and inquire. This stone is unidentified by an expert in geology and I think it's okay to quote Dr. Young as saying "it is a very unusual sandstone." I'm alright with getting roasted on the forum if nobody wants to take this seriously for a second. But I could really use some help and guidance on navigating the upper channels of the scene and I am willing to speak in private if that is more comfortable with the people interested in helping.



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