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Weathered Fusion Crust or?

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I found a rather large breccia with brown coating (mostly in recessed areas) and it looks similar to some of the lunar meteorites. I am curious if anyone here can chime in on this being fusion crust as it is not only in the cracks/recessed areas, but also on the  stone itself.


Thanks in advance

Fusion Crust 2.JPG

Fusion Crust.JPG

Outer Surface 2.jpg

QS12OOT4Os.bmp QS12TJV3Us.bmp QS12TKGD2s.bmp QS12TKU8Gs.bmp QS12TLDGMs.bmp QS12VYW56s.bmp

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There's a lunar strewn field recently discovered in NWA where the soil leaves behind that yellow/orange coating, maybe that's what it is?  I don't think lunar fusion crust is that color, I believe it's black-ish.

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