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five counterfeit golden eagles?

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Hi everyone, I'm concerned my 5 x 1oz Gold eagles could be fake :(

I inherited these from my mother. Her late husband purchased 30 of them.

They pass the "ring" test. They pass the size test. They passed the magnet test. But...they don't pass the weight test... :( 

Around 19g ea. on all of them (real eagles weigh about 33g ea.). I'm probably going to take them to a local jeweler soon.

My question is we probably know these are fake so is it worth melting these down to get what gold is in these out of them?





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Your photos aren't in focus enough so when I enlarge them to be able to see the finer details but I can see several details that aren't even close to the fine details on a real Gold Eagle, and as you know the weight is the easy tell tale that they aren't real, I hope they actually contain real gold and if they do I hope your mother's late husband got a great deal on them so that they were worth the investment, and yes if they do contain gold I would either melt them or sell them to a gold buyer who will most likely melt them down anyway.

You might want to contact someone at the link below, it's a website that is dedicated to information/data base on counterfeit coins, most of the counterfeits they have on their data base are of much older coinage, but they maybe interested in modern counterfeits to add to their data base.

It maybe possible they could have some info on the coins you have, but I didn't see any in their data base, only turn of the century Gold Eagles. 


Good luck, let us know how this works out! 

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If they were mine and I found they were counterfeit, I'd consider getting smelting equipment to get whatever gold there was in it.  That is mostly because I'm looking for reasons to start smelting.

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Thanks Au Seeker, I tired to get better photos but my cell phone gets blurrier the closer i go. I was examining the coins "stars" and they are clearly not right. I'm going to take them to a local jeweler and see what they think its made of.

i might just do that chrisski, id love to watch them melt :)

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