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Am I the Mother of Dragons? Help identify

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Dug this rock in the Texas hill country by the frio river. It's around 10 inches high and 6 inches thick. It's egg shape. One pic was under a short wave UV light. The last pic is the egg resting up against a rock that was given to me by a family friend from del Rio texas. Said it was poop. Just was curious. Looked cool. Here is the link I posted to Facebook. 





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It is almost certainly a concretion of some sort. There’s a chance it’s a heavily weathered septarian nodule, but I think it’s just a run of the mill concretion. 

I really like your snail fossils in the foreground.

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36 minutes ago, LowPoint said:

Are you anywhere near the Texas hill country of Kerrville??  I had an old navy buddy who was raised on his parents ranch around there.  I think it was the Black Eagle Ranch???

No, but that ranch name sounds very familiar. I live close to Leakey tx. 


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I would absolutely have that cut in half at a rock shop that deals with septarians on a fairly regular basis. I know just the place if you wanna take a short drive over to southwest UT! That thing is screaming septarian nodule at me. Even if it is just a concretion, I would HAVE to know what it looked like inside!  

Cut it in half lengthwise and have the bottom cut flat. If it's not a septarian nodule, the two pieces would make some darn good looking bookends! If it is a septarian, I'll be there to pick it up in a few hours!:D

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