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New Update on Nugget Shooter's Field Guide

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Hey Guys,

   Just a FYI, I received the DRAFT copy of the first 3-4 chapters of the book.  Reese has done a great job so far on the Draft copy with great information and colored pictures with illustrations.  I think this new book will be a great addition to any gold prospectors, miners or metal detectorist library.  Looking forward to seeing more Draft in the next couple of days and then the book available for sale.  

The book is titled "Nugget Shooter Guide."  

I believe Bill Southern and many other dealers including myself will be selling the book. 

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Hello everyone, I just now got my website updated. I have reached the printing costs and now I am waiting for the publisher to input the last few photos and he should be sending me another file to proof of the whole book. Once everything is proofed we will pay the printer, email the book file and wait for them to send us a proof by email. If you have any questions, my cell number and email address is on my website.

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I received the draft for the full book contents and proofed it and it is back with my publisher to make the typo corrections. I sent Rob Allison a copy of the full draft to look thru and give his opinion to all of you of it's content. As soon as Blake gets the corrected draft back to me to look thru and I can ok it then we should be able to notify printer of number of pages to get the spine thickness  for the cover, and then we should be ready to pay the printer and start the printing process.

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Thanks everyone. When I started the process to get this book printed, I knew there was alot involved, but it has turned out to have so many more steps or phases to the whole process. I will be really stoked when I get the books and get them mailed out to everyone.

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