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A Few More Fossils Found This Week

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Hey everyone. Found these in the same area as the one in my last post. I think one is a vertebra, one I think could be a tooth or a claw ( or just a plain rock haha) .. there is a bone or something sticking out of a rock with black stuff on it that I haven't the slightest clue about either. Any ideas on what any of these are please comment. I dont have a university or anything in my area to take these too. The last photo is everything on my kitchen table that I collected this week. Lots and lots of petrified wood.














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Nice finds!!! Congrats.

Do you know if any bones from that area area are gem grade? I've seen some pretty magnificent gem-bone in my time and some of it is worth a lot of $$$$$. While most of the gem-bone is found in Wyoming and Colorado, that doesn't mean it couldn't be found elsewhere.

Here's a link that gives you an idea of what it looks like.



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