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Well, I don’t use her and have only used her in my yard and she sits. I need to get one out of the barn so I’m listing my:

Teknetics T2 plus, plus is with the boost mode. It comes with the standard 11” DD coil, and also a NEL Sharpshooter 9.5x 5.5 coil. 

Also will include the  Tek-point pin pointer.   Now this setup is in NEW Working condition and NEW Looking condition, New to the bones.

I have  670.00 into it and will sell by way of PayPal with shipping included to the CONUS.

I am asking   $500.00   Will consider REASONABLE  offers.



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I received a message asking if I have the refurbished certificate,  please,  this was and is a new unit I purchase this year. This is Not a refurbished unit. I re-read my above initial post and can’t figure how someone thought it was.    Thanks,  Joe (Cooper)

edit, I now understand what was being asked, when you buy a T2 you get a 2 year extended coupon on top of the 3 year warranty . In the last 2 years they send you a refurbished unit if you send it in. I guess this is transferable.

i do have this coupon;.  

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A price reduction. (shipped UPS CONUS, $450.)   Thanks  

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Well Happy to have been able to list but, she's staying in the stable, gonna keep her. Thanks

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