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Is this an old seal?

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19 minutes ago, Stillweaver hillbelli said:

It has all of the elements of a good copy, does it not?

I guess that could be said but what I think is that it is a older USA military eagle button which has an rendition of the Great American Seal of the United Sates but they aren't an exact copy of any of the former seals or the present seal and not as fine of detail either.

Here's a photo of some military eagle buttons that are a very close match to the one he has posted, there are 3 of them at the top.


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2 minutes ago, Au Seeker said:

أظن أنه يمكن قول ذلك ، لكن ما أعتقد أنه زر نسر عسكري أمريكي قديم يحتوي على نسخة من الختم الأمريكي العظيم للولايات المتحدة ، لكنها ليست نسخة طبق الأصل عن أي من الأختام السابقة أو الحاضر ختم وليس كما التفاصيل الدقيقة.

إليكم صورة لبعض أزرار النسر العسكرية التي تتطابق مع تلك التي قام بنشرها ، وهناك 3 من الأعلى.

ليالي l1600.jpg

I think you are correct I have no idea about this seal

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On 8/7/2019 at 6:27 PM, Ahmad said:

A friend sent me a picture of an old seal that is expected to seal the great USA in 1782.


Where did the date 1782 come from?

anybody notice the head looks more like a turkey? Wasn't there something about one of the founding fathers wanting to make the nation bird a turkey? I think Ben Franklin?

FYI 13 arrows represent the colonys. When the arrows are bond together it mean they can't be broken but apart.......


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